Adrian Ciurtin takes over 100% of the 10-year operated law firm…

Adi-Ciurtin-204x135The former partners decided to separate from the firm the litigation team, consisting of three lawyers, motivated by different rates of increase and financial results in the consultancy division. Mr. Adrian Ciurtin took over 100% of shares and the company develops since then under the new brand of Ciurtin&Associates.

The company will continue its 10-year experience in the legal market under the Ciurtin&Associates brand name, under the auspices of a new business concept.

In this context , the company will continue to develop its know-how and working platform built in ten years of activity and with the contribution of the entire team of advising lawyers, and through the sustained efforts of the team leader Adrian Ciurtin, and will be active strictly specializing in the following six areas:
* Traditional and Innovative Financing;
* Energy (production facilities and various energy storage technologies and energy infrastructure ) ;
* Real estate projects, hotel management & road, rail and airport infrastructure;
* Technology and innovation (especially in telecommunications , IT, commerce and electronic payments , energy and aviation fields);
* Generation, trading and business security (Procurement ) most often inside partnerships (mergers);
* Agriculture (procurement , operations and dedicated technology).

Therefore, Ciurtin & Associates will develop its consultancy activity in key areas mentioned above, focusing, after 10 years of accomplishment, on three vectors, namely strengthening the financial performance of the company, internationalization of mandates entrusted by customers as well as generating and operating impact, strategic and innovative business lines, particularly towards servicing niche areas and projects with a very high degree of specializing, for the development of major projects.

Ciurtin&Associates brings in a new concept in the legal market, representing an optimal mix of qualities of a boutique law firm and a full-service company: strictly specialized niche activities of business and legal practice, fully-dedicated customer support, with focus on continuous specialization of the consultancy and financial team and benefitting from permanent development of vanguard projects. We achieve all these based on a platform of resources and services generously-structured in more than ten years of successful activity.

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