Ciurtin & Associates contributed in the RBSGA General Assembly meeting

23The General Assembly Meeting of Romania Black Sea Gateway Association (RBSGA) from 18th of March had at its core the transportation market, a key topic for EU and for Romania’s status as a country on the road to full development. The port of Constanța can become the main entry point for commerce between Western Europe and Asia, if used properly. For new, the road transportation is still on top. During the General Assembly, election of new Board Members was brought up, along with an action plan.
Since Ciurtin & Associates involves actively and insightfully in everything it does, Sandra Tănase, Energy Legal Counsel and Business Development Director, managed to give once more exposure to and further calibrate some of the items in question. The law office was heavily implicated in decision making in times when the association looks worried and when opportunities are sometimes mistaken as problems.
The contributions mentioned integrate well within the general feeling and impact of this meeting. The branching effects of decisions made and discussion initiated will carry in them the modeling of a new and innovative way of looking at things, from a fresh perspective. Taking into considerations the centrality of entering in another state of mind for doing business, this General Meeting might be just the push needed for creating a new business philosophy.
18 March 2014

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