Ciurtin & Associates coordinates the juridical activity of Romanian Energy Center

27Ciurtin & Associates (C & A) is the coordinator of Juridical Activity of Romanian Energy Center (CRE) and is providing a high level legal assistance for the center. The Romanian Energy Center functions as an NGO dedicated, among others, to influence the European energy policy on its road to low-carbon processes. Also, the center represents the interests of Romanian energy authorities in relation with EU and other international organizations and institutions from this field, and offers consultancy for initiatives in electricity, oil & gas, coal, nuclear and un-conventional energy sources.
During the recent CRE General Assembly, Sandra Tănase, Energy Legal Counsel & Business Development Director for C & A, pointed to the fact that Competition Law brought changes also for associations, which must comply with certain constraints in activities on topics that may influence competition. “I have informed the Centre that it should dodge any meeting that could conflict with the law”, said Sandra Tănase.
The General Assembly was also an occasion for CRE members to discuss law initiatives on electric cars and district heating. More precisely on the district heating, the legislative initiative is destined to make more feasible using one source of heat for an entire block of flats than using individual heating units for each flat. Another important item of discussion was Sibiu – Smart City project. The energy center informed its members that significant steps were taken to obtain financing, but there is still a long way to travel until the project will come to life.
17th of April, 2014

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