Ciurtin & Associates looks into Georgia’s untapped potential on behalf of Romanian companies


Ciurtin & Associates (C & A) visited Georgia for two days to discuss and identify with Romanian companies investment opportunities in the local economy. The law office is involved in establishing a strategic partnership between Romanian companies and Georgian ones, public and privately-held.
The partnership is destined to accelerate the development and the investment in the energy infrastructure, with measures related to planning, implementation, resources and international cooperation. Besides energy, another interesting sector in this country is its heavy industry. In both of these domains Romanian companies can capitalize on their formal knowledge and tradition. The Georgian counterparty is expected to make soon a working visit to Romania.
C & A business delegation revealed that Georgia is a reliable power transit country and a net power exporter; it has an energy surplus that can be used for heavy industry developments without jeopardizing the grid. The country has a rapidly expanding energy market and it’s preoccupied with the constant development of additional power infrastructure and manufacturing units. And since for both countries industry and energy are major components of GDP creation, their complementarity is even more enhanced.

25th of April, 2014

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