Ciurtin & Associates visits Jordan to bring business for Romanian energy companies

24Trying to reconnect Romania’s expertise in energy engineering and management with the business environment of the Arab world, lawyers from Ciurtin & Associates had a two days visit in Amman, the capital of Jordan, to search opportunities for Romanian energy companies. This initiative falls within a strategy of diversifying the portfolio of clients and the markets in which companies are active, in a world where betting on a single card is not the smart way to go.
Working hard to cover the spread, the journey was designed in such a manner that the company’s lawyers met, among others, with local business leaders, financial heavyweights from this area and policy makers. All meetings had as a front runner the desire to bring home new business in the energy department.
One of the most stable monarchies in the proximity of Persian Gulf, Jordan has the potential to become an open market for Romanian know-how, equipment and energy services. The impact of bringing more Romanian energy companies in Jordan might very well surpass the business objective, influencing for the better the diplomatic relations between Romania and Jordan. Romania can play the card of being an old friend of Arab nations, especially in a country were the search for energy resources is at least as intensive as the search for water resources, connecting the dots of energy management – water management nexus.
20 March 2014

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