Ciurtin & Associates works to increase trade flows between Romania and Egypt

26Ciurtin & Associates (C & A) law office met with representatives from Egypt Embassy in Romania to discuss about commercial opportunities for Romania’s and Egypt’s firms in these two markets. The two economies need to work harder with one another to increase their commodities and services exchanges to a sustainable and significant level. Agricultural and mechanized commodities are two of the items traded most heavily between the two, but the co-operation, commerce and joint project development is the next proper step.
During this meeting, the parties agreed to contribute to and foster the implementation of a collaborative between both markets to accelerate the business development and market take-up of energy efficiency technologies, as a fundamental pillar of the collaboration. This daring initiative will help the companies from two fundamentally merchant economies to connect deeper with possibilities now within reach.
This Egyptian and Romanian advocacy to receive some investment and firms from the other party into their more and more increasingly regional markets can lead to important structural developments, especially since the businessmen start to gather in business associations that have as mission the market opening and seizure of business opportunities.
16th of April, 2014

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