Ciurtin&Associates attended Energy Oscars 2013, the most important awarding event of the Romanian energy sector

10Ciurtin& Associates attended the Energy Oscars 2013 event, organized by Wing Media Energy Consulting and at the National Military Club in Bucharest, on November 21, 2013.
More than 150 top management invitees attended to the first edition of Energy Oscars. Eight prizes for excellence in energy have been offered, in a festive and warm environment. The audience was formed mainly of top managers of the main players in Romania, among which Adrian Ciurtin and Sandra Tănase (Ciurtin& Associates), Oleg Shurubor (Lukoil Overseas), John L. Knapp (ExxonMobil), Arina Baltazar and Justus Kay (Schlumberger), Lucian Stancu (Romgaz), Dave Kennedy (Lufkin), Liviu Ilași (Conpet), Cătălina Dragomir (Vestas Romania), Dumitru Constantin (Petrotel Lukoil), Daniela Lulache (Nuclearelectrica), Vasile Munteniță (Romelectro).
They were joined by financial world officials such as Daniel Kozak (World Bank) and Cristian Sporiș (Raiffeisen Bank), and also lawyers specialized in energy field and managers of companies in the services sector: Sergiu Iordache (DSV Solutions), Ionel Nițu (Intergraph), Iulia Petrea (Certification Internatonal), Robert Ghelasi (Energie Finanzierung und Kapital), Valeriu Binig (Deloitte), Kurt Weber (Horvath & Partners), Adrian Marius Dobre (British Romanian Chamber of Commerce).
Daniel Apostol hosted the ceremony in style and elegance, presenting with an equal share of simpathy each nomination. Leaders in the industry such as Ron Carpenter (Amromco), Bogdan Popescu (Zeta Petroleum) and Gehrig Schultz (Prospecțiuni) added weight and importance to the heavy copper and granite base statuettes, accompanying the prizes handing with good wishes.
Evening stars were the statuettes, though, cast in bronze with an original concept created by Adrian Ilfoveanu especially for the event.
At this event, the power of decision met the top expertize: Ioan Dan Gheorghiu (Government and ISPE), Iulian Iancu (CNR-CME), Nicolae Havrileț (ANRE), Alexandru Săndulescu (Ministry of Economy), Claudiu Dumbrăveanu (ANRE), Carmencita Constantin (ISPE), Emil Calotă (ANRE), Călin Vilt (CNR-CME), Gheorghe Buliga (Oil&Gas Engineers Society), Jean Constantinescu (ROENEP), Nicolae Antonescu (UPG Ploiești), Virgil Mușatescu (CNR-CME), Stelian Alexandru Gal (CRE) – in a very rare moment for the Romanian public space: celebrating performance and excellence.
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November 21, 2013

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