Ciurtin&Associates attended the rebranding event of the humanitarian foundation SO.SI.SE.SA.

15Ciurtin&Associates officials attended the rebranding event of the humanitarian foundation SO.SI.SE.SA., held on December 11, 2013 at the Athenee Palace Hilton.

The SO.SI.SE.SA. foundation fights against resignation to unequal opportunities and inadequate living conditions, the abandonment of children in orphanages after reaching full age of and forced to begin a life on their own and deprivation social education, civic and cultural life of people with access limited to information sources.
SO.SI.SE.SA. was established in 1996 , when the desire to change the Romanians perception of humanitarian actions became a common goal for a group of experts in economics, sociology, political science, social work, IT and law. Thus was established the Cultural – Humanitarian Foundation “Sociability. Sympathy. Serving. Save”. Social issues raised by the Foundation include: poverty that “became a lifestyle”, personal exclusion and social marginalization of people with physical and mental disabilities or with special social conditions.
Ciurtin&Associates is involved into various humanitarian acts and corporate responsibility projects, one of the humanitarian foundations sustained being SO.SI.SE.SA.

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