Grand opening of Smîrdioasa Photovoltaic Park

57In November, the three shareholders of G&T Grune Energy Ltd. inaugurated in Smîrdioasa one of the largest photovoltaic power plant in the county with an installed capacity of 1 MW. Ciurtin & Associates was present at the grand opening of the park as full legal support provider for this project and supporter of such initiatives in Romania, which promote energy security and efficiency.
The project totaled 1.2 million euros, money from the company’s own funds, without any way of financial contributions, including the land on which it was built. Smîrdioasa village benefits from this investment, since it creates new jobs and is a new contributor to the local budget by paying local taxes. The village’s Mayor granted all his support and all possible facilities as required by law, to complete the investment, commissioning and operation under normal conditions.
The initiator of this investment, who also found investors, is the current director of the Power Plant and a man of the place who launched some successful business initiatives on other occasions. Even more remarkable, the investors were brought in from Germany, where it is known that serious people come and very demanding with what they do, people of “job well done”.
14th of November, 2014

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