Recognition for Ciurtin & Associates in the Diplomat’s energy magazine

63Adrian Ciurtin, Managing Partner at Ciurtin & Associates, was requested to make a contribution for The Diplomat’s energy magazine, in which he chose to explain the internal mechanisms of a diminished Internal Rate of Return for gas and power distribution companies in Romania. Essentially, the energy regulator decreased by a stroke of a pen the profitability permitted to these natural monopolies. Mr. Ciurtin engaged this topic and gave the readers the legal and economic fundamentals of this complicated affair. Moreover, Adrian Ciurtin and Flaviu Nanu, Partner, attended the fourth edition of the Romanian Energy Awards, powered by The Diplomat, an event destined to create an energy culture. “Our presence in this outstanding manifestation was doubled by an article that tried to shed some light on the energy distribution business currently done in Romania”, said Adrian Ciurtin.
12th of May, 2015

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