Renewables go hand in hand with energy efficiency

22At Forbes Energy 2014 companies and authorities tried to detail as much as possible the opportunities and risks assumed by investors in initiation, development and maintenance of energy projects. In-depth discussions about government strategies and financing sources and tools to secure capital were on the agenda. In this context, the business of renewable energy was analyzed to identify ways in which you could still make a profit while facing unpredictability.
Ciurtin & Associates felt the need to contribute to this, thus ensuring that it will continue to manage its portfolio with maximum intelligence. “This further growth of renewables projects in Romania can be achieved with the same intensity if renewables policies are combined with energy efficiency policies. Enhanced penetration of renewables will contribute both to better energy security and reduced CO2 emissions and therefore help to meet the EU’s international obligations.”, was one of the main conclusion for Sandra Tănase, Energy Legal Counsel & Business Development Director for Ciurtin & Associates.
Forbes Energy 2014 was a good opportunity to put into coherent and concise formulas the main strategic directions. With a declining consumption correlated with a price dynamics that sometimes defies economic models, operators, regulators and consumers discover they have more in common than points that separate them.
11 March 2014

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