The inteligent eficiency reshapes Romania’s energy market

62Flaviu Nanu, partner at Ciurtin & Associates, took hold of the opportunity arised from “The Power of Three in Efficiency” event to develop more the relationship this law boutique always had inside the ranks of beneficiaries, authorities and EPC contractors active in energy efficiency and energy services realm. Romania is at a turning point in regards with creating a services market for energy, and Ciurtin & Associates is planning to get a head start in giving expert legal and business advice to those contracting or offering energy management services. “It is clear that energy efficiency is a building block of economic competitiveness and of Energy Union, the most demanding market creation initiative in Europe since the Union of Coal and Steel. As legal and business advisors we contribute to the task of creating a business culture of parsimony when it comes to using energy resources”, Flaviu Nanu explained.
7th of May, 2015

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