The Romanian Center of Energy discussed the issues of the moment in Brussels

65The Romanian Center of Energy (CRE) organized in Brussels the fourth edition of Romania Energy Day, a gathering in which more than 130 representatives of companies, authorities and MPs, at national and European level, meet and discuss priorities regarding a common energy policy and the critical elements for Romania to better integrate in an unique market. As Coordinator of Legal Practice at CRE and well connected to the energy efficiency-clean technologies-environmental protection nexus, Adrian Ciurtin, Managing Partner at Ciurtin & Associates, summarized: “Advocacy done at a European level is of the utmost importance for the future of our national energy business, since all the laws and regulations created by EU have to become the laws and regulations of Romania. For our country, the key to have better systems, better projects, better professionals, is to increase regional cooperation and to have an energy strategy that sees things in a regional frame. That way, Romanian entrepreneurs have a better chance to make business not only inside their national boundaries.”
26th of May, 2015

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