US Road-Show for Immo Hotel Group and a transatlantic business alliance

58Gil’ad Katz – CEO of Immo Hotel Group, and Adi Kol – investors relations of Immo Hotel Group, were on a US Road-Show for one week in November. Large scale investment bankers were visited in order to complete the raising of the needed equity investment in Immo Hotel Group venture, focusing on building six hotels in Romania, managed and branded. Also, Gilad Katz and Adi Kol met with a high level representative of an international law firm in order to evaluate, exchange information and to proceed with creating a strong transatlantic business alliance in legal practice. As a result of these meeting, the said law firm is currently using the legal services of Adrian Ciurtin, Managing Partner at Ciurtin & Associates, in regards with some regulatory issues which one of its clients has in Romania.
15th of November, 2014

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