Ciurtin & Associates contributes to the elaboration of Law no. 233 of 2016 on public-private partnership.

Ciurtin & Associates contributed within the working group of the Romanian Association for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency (ARPEE) to the elaboration of the Law no. 233 of 2016 on public-private partnership.

It was considered necessary to specify in detail the banknability and the economic efficiency of the public-private partnership projects, as well as the method of risk allocation. The proposals put forward by the working group concerned both the form and the methodological norms, due to the confusion generated by the introduction of whole chapters, chapters already provided by the new public procurement laws, as well as the secondary and tertiary legislation existing in the field of public procurement.

Through this amendment draft to Law no. 233 of 2016 is intended to modify it by including clear references to the public procurement laws indicated above without integrating existing legal texts which are already in place.

In particular, for clarity, the proposal to the initiator of this law consists in communicating the additional details regarding the economic, financial, technical model envisaged for the execution and development of the public-private partnership.


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