We have always been involved in reputable business associations, and have collaborated for a long time with prestigious institutions and organizations in order to ensure the success of our clients’ endeavors.

Two of our main pillars when it comes to partnerships are the legal practices of Amir Altschuler and Peter Schmid, two reputable businessmen that make us capable of attracting heavyweights when it comes to business contacts, energy, natural resources or real estate.

We use wisely the advantages of having an active presence in the public sphere, and all our partnerships and affiliations proved to be a real professional and business catalyst.

We have for many year a partnership with ECOVIS Romania, a company that is part of a worldwide chain of financial, audit, accounting and legal practice, with operations in 70 countries and more than 5.000 people involved.

Following the collaboration in national and international projects for a period of 11 years, the quality and the success of our teamwork confirmed us as exclusive lawyers in Romania of ECOVIS by integrating Ciurtin & Associates into ECOVIS in October this year.

Together with the other colleagues in Ecovis, we ensure the complementarity of legal services, tax and audit consultancy, accounting, human resources, payroll, transfer pricing files, etc.

Additionally, we are Associate and Member of various Chambers of Commerce and of various business, research and international associations in our areas of expertise.

Bester Generacion, CEO, Antonio Macias Sanchez

April 10, 2014

Ciurtin & Associates has successfully provided all legal procedures involving the development of one of our largest investments in renewable energy in Romania – the photovoltaic (PV) park Solaris, with an installed capacity of 56 MW in the city Livada, Satu Mare, the largest PV park in Romania and the second largest in Europe at his commissioning date. The legal team represented the financing bank in the financing and collateral package assembly, led and delivered the legal due diligence process, assured the closure in optimal terms of the M&A document transactions and granted assistance in signing contracts for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), the entire set of documents being correlated with the financing. As working with them was fully successful, we give Ciurtin & Associates our highest recommendation.

Energia Prima s.p.a. Chairman, Antonello Amoroso

April 28, 2013

Ciurtin & Associates assisted us in a successful financial transaction regarding the license acquisition and the financing of a photovoltaic plant with the aggregate capacity of 56 MW. Our lawyers remarkably rose to the challenge of completing the legal services within less than one month after being entrusted with this mission, including negotiations and closing with developers, securing the proper financial arrangement with the foreign financial institution and creating a flexible EPC consortium for the project.

AKS – Alukonigstahl, Mr. Beer Attila

February 11th, 2013

Ciurtin & Associates, law firm white listed by banks, assisted us in the process of dealing with some roof top projects in Romania and helped us identify unique investment opportunities which created bespoke solutions for us. They advised our clients during the entire investment process, from origination through to due diligence, structuring, financing and execution. Ciurtin&Associates would receive our highest recommendation for the rendered services and advice.

Biosar Energy SA, Ellaktor Group, Lialios Stefanos, Business Development Manager, MBA.

December 28, 2012

Biosar Energy SA, a member of the largest group in Greece, Ellaktor, is are pleased to recommend Ciurtin& Associates as a reliable firm acting in Romania and worldwide. „Our collaboration started from the initial moment we penetrated the Romanian market and started the construction of Photovoltaic projects”.

Merloni Progetti S.p.A., Mr. Agostino Ferrari

September 26th, 2012

We would give Ciurtin&Associates our highest recommendation for the rendered services and advice. Energy team coordinated by Mr. Ciurtin has demonstrated deep knowledge of legal framework related to wind energy market, strong commercial knowledge and sufficient technical background, as well as excellent negotiations and professional skills.
We were especially content with their understanding of our need of swift decision making and of full comprehension of the changing legal framework regarding green energy in Romania.

DIGI SOFT, Mrs. Mihaela Ignat

July 1st, 2012

Throughout our collaboration with Ciurtin&Associates we have been impressed by their professionalism, accuracy and expertise in dealing with various mandates in IT. We are completely satisfied with our election of this particular law firm, due to their relevant experience in all aspects related to IT. We highly recommend Ciurtin&Associates as a very reliable, professional and flexible law firm..

Unicredit Leasing, Mrs. Antoaneta Curteanu

May 21th, 2012

Ciurtin&Associates acted as our legal counsellor in the first wind energy financial leasing projects in Romania, successfully employing our group policies in this field. We have been impressed with the quality of legal strategy proposed and the swiftness of the implementation. Judging on the success of our projects, we would gladly recommend Ciurtin&Associates as a highly reliable law firm in the field of renewable energy and project financing.

Unicredit Leasing, Vienna, Martin Mayr, Head of Competence Center Renewable Energies

April 3, 2012

Unicredit Leasing in Vienna recommends Ciurtin&Associates for the assistance offered for renewable energy projects in 2010 and 2011 in Romania. The firm ”acted as our legal counsellor in the first wind energy financial leasing projects in Romania, successfully employing our group policies in this field. We have been impressed with the quality of legal strategy proposed and the swiftness of the implementation”. The firm also „assisted us in a successful financial leasing transaction having as object a wind plant, confirming the expectations set by the previous projects.”

International Hotel Development, Mr. John Litzenberger

December 19th, 2011

During the first half of 2009, I had the opportunity to negotiated management agreements for a hotel project in Bucharest. Although Mr. Ciurtin was “on the other side of the table” from Marriott, I can say that he represented the investor’s interests in a professional and capable manner and contributed to the parties resolving all issues. The management agreements were successfully concluded and both parties were satisfied with the outcome.

BCR Leasing, Mr. Bogdan Ionuț Speateanu

December 7th, 2011

We are able to confirm the strong skills and know how, the dedication and the professionalism of this Ciurtin&Associates. Consecquently we highly recommend to any interested party, Ciurtin&Associates as a truly reliable, professional, business oriented and efficient law firm.”

Egis Romania, Mr. Gheorghe Știrbu

October 7th, 2011

For more than three years, we have been working together with Ciurtin&Associates, who provides legal consultancy and representation to our company. We are impressed with their ability to manager our complex legal agenda, effective problem solving skills and technical abilities. We higly recommend them to any client willing to develop a close relationship with its lawyer.

GE Money Romania, Bogdan Marita, Head of Legal dept

March 31, 2010

GE Money Romania recommends Ciurtin&Associates for the legal assistance received on various complex legal matters concerning the Romanian financial regulatory environment, consumer protection, commercial and finance agreements, corporate issues, competition, real estate and labor law.

Raiffeisen Leasing, Bernd Kunzel, General Manager

March 31, 2003

Adrian Ciurtin managed the entire legal activity of Raiffeisen Leasing between 2000 and 2003, and he proved to be a leader, supervising, coordinating and mentoring teams in projects and complex activities. With his help, we have created a company from scratch and made it no. 1 on the market. Besides keeping under control the legal issues, he also was the Project Manager of the first Real Estate Leasing in Romania together with Raiffeisen Leasing International Vienna, and had extended responsibilities regarding sales, the administration of the contracts portfolio, insurances and refinancing. I firmly believe that any company that chooses to work on legal, business and financing solutions with Ciurtin & Associates is on the path to success.