Adrian Ciurtin – Managing Partner

Mentoring benefits both the mentor and the apprentice

Companies are made of people and people need guidance and advice from those more experienced on how to best exploit their strengths and diminish their weak traits. In this regard, mentoring by senior leadership is required to foster the next generation of corporate leaders. We need to understand that leaders and managers are two separate and different things. Managers want to do the things right, but leaders want do to the right things. When managers have their eyes on the bottom line, leaders have their eyes on the horizon, wrote a business guru once.

So, when it comes to creating leaders, mentoring can be the leading light. Roughly put, to mentor someone is about giving something back to your company and community surrounding it. For some time, Ramona Hobu, Office & Legal Support Manager at ECOVIS CIURTIN & Associates, is in a constant process of gaining lessons in a systematic and rigorous way that is helping her and the law practice of her employer.

It’s common for an employee in a junior position to have lots of good ideas, but it’s also common that it will lack discipline in execution and proper documentation. In the end, the fundamentals of a given idea start to look breakable because, without employing the full knowledge with experience and youth enthusiasm, nothing can be done.

More precisely, at ECOVIS CIURTIN & Associates a junior officer is taught the discipline and ethics of hard work. The satisfaction that comes with an excellent result not only follows the result, but follows the work that was done with a spirit de corps similar to those of army and navy men and women. And the mentor gains too. It gains a loyal and very well prepared company member, that can make the business profitable, can run day-to-day operations like clockwork and earn the trust and sympathy of clients, suppliers and, why not, even public institutions.

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