Brokering knowledge for disruptive Technology & Innovation

We have modeled ourselves as pioneers of innovation in the field of legal and business services for technology companies, since we are similar to tech initiatives in ways that are counter-intuitive. Our law office, just like technology organizations, does knowledge brokering on a daily basis, recombining its past knowledge in new ways to construct solutions that can market successfully.

Due to this work ethic and similarity, our Business Development Unit can support the creation and operation of strategic and innovative businesses in this area, and to integrate clients in some of the most specialized and high impact technology projects and business ventures. Licensing and protection of intellectual property are two important elements of preserving competitive advantage, and we dedicate time and effort to make sure they are done right.

We provide expert advice, due diligence and compliance with the law for equipment production in energy and heavy industries, utilities companies, power production and steam turbines. We are no strangers to offer complete legal and business solutions for corporations that manufacture solar modules or operate plants on high efficiency co-generation technologies, or biomass, bio-gas and geothermal technologies. Transmission and storage companies, as well as IT&C enterprises find in us a reliable partner and provider of legal and business consultancy.

In addition, we provide direction and information on new patent technologies from planning to construction, financing, operation, maintenance, refinancing or sale. Our professionals advise sellers and buyers, project sponsors, corporate investors and debt funders, including banks, on technology transfer and transactions on a global basis. These operations are carried by our specialists in energy, renewable technologies and IT&C, and our global exposure is highly valued by clients.

Technology Expertise

ECOVIS CIURTIN & Associates assumes as a crucial objective to support generation and operation of strategic and innovative businesses, as well as to be part of most specialized and high impact projects in key regions of the world.

Our global exposure across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, United States and Latin America is highly valued by our clients.

We are at the forefront of the technology sector, providing clients with advice on matters relating to power utilities (turbines, panels, co-generation technologies, biomass technologies), transmission and storage facilities up to IT and telecommunication devices.

Ciurtin’s team provides advice on new patent technologies to their entire lifecycle, starting with the planning process, through to the construction, financing, operation, maintenance and ultimately their refinancing or sale.

Our team advices sellers and buyers, project sponsors, corporate investors and debt funders (including banks) on technology transactions globally. These transactions are supported by our specialists in areas such as energy, renewable technology, IT and telecommunication.