World Ecovis


Our company collaborates with other professionals and offers a wide range of consulting services to private companies. For example, we have a close partnership with Ciurtin & Associates law firm, that provided for both parties a good client base and knowledge exchanges.

Established since 1999, our company has consistently followed an ascended trend. Wishing our international expansion, in July 2006 we joined ECOVIS® group of companies, an international group of tax advisers, auditors, accountants, lawyers and management consultants, becoming its exclusive representatives in Romania.

ECOVIS Romania – Economy and Vision

ECOVIS Romania is registered and authorized by the The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR), Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania (CAFR), and Chamber of Fiscal Consultants of Romania. Our team consists of financial auditors, fiscal consultants, licensed accountants, experts in valuing enterprises, and accounting experts. 

Our professional reputation relies on the quality of our work, and the selection and the training of the members of our team defines this concept. We permanently strive to add value to the businesses of our clients, and we believe our national expertise in audit, accounting, tax and management consulting is imperative for the global economic integration of our clients.

ECOVIS Romania’s costumers are medium and small enterprises, domestic or foreign owned, family associations, permanent establishments of foreign companies and subsidiaries of international groups, working in different business areas such as: IT, real estate, agriculture, creative advertising, food industry, trade, manufacturing, engineering, consulting, etc. Our customer base is stable and the cooperation with many of them goes some years back.

We decided to be part of this international group to be able to offer our clients top professional services at high nationally and internationally standards, through a network of partners located in Europe, USA and Asia. At the international level, ECOVIS engages over 4,000 experts in more than 15 countries. Since entering the Romanian market, this group applies the overwhelming international experience to local challenges so that the beneficiaries could receive the most adequate accounting solutions for their business.

Today, we routinely offer all services related to our professional field (including accounting, tax consulting, auditing and payroll activity) to a broad spectrum of clients, clients that differ both in their field of activity and in their turnover size.